The Legend Collection of United States Gobrecht Dollars


I started on this set in 2001 when I had the opportunity to purchase the Eliasberg Name Under Base [J-58].  This coin remained alone until the purchase of the Share Collection in 2003 - he owned an extensive Gobrecht set that included many of the rarer varieties and die trial pieces.  I kept the 1838 J-84 and the 1839 J-104 from his set, which I traced back to the Amon Carter and Norweb sets respectively.  The purchase of the JFS Collection added a beautiful 1836 Original J-60 and the 1836 [issue of 1837] Original J-60a was purchased at auction at the Pittsburgh ANA in 2004.

I've illustrated each date and mintmark in the writeup section with the Legend Collection coin.  To view these lovely coins, start here.